Hello Lovely People,


We are continuing our updates! The indication that the train is still moving in FF land. Not at the story pace that many of you may prefer, (we hear ya!) but the FF team is still hard at work…always. :)  In that spirit, today’s post is a little about journeys on that famed Yellow Brick Road……


We all have our paths to walk in life. Paths filled with lots of adventures, unknowns, and sometimes dead ends. But they are unequivocally OURS to tread.


The Road to Fashion Forward has been filled with lots of fun and several maintenance signs along the way (and we’re still working on juggling everything), but a beautiful bright spot on the path has lit up and we can’t wait to share some new developments with you all in the coming months.


While you’re traveling down your yellow brick road you may encounter a pothole or two, but the trick is to stay in and stay on it…all while keeping those ruby reds shining and clicking away. We’ll continue to give you updates along the way from our own glorious walk!


-Team FF -