Yep. We’re still on hiatus folks. But never fear, there’s more cool
art from JM and stuff to share in the meantime, like what to do when
you’re stressed out, as we so often find ourselves these days.

Money worries, the stress of losing her job, a budding (and very
weird) love triangle, a general quarter-life crisis… Sam is in the
thick of it too.

We’ve all been there, are there, or are just leaving there with a
booked date to return in the near future.

But having someone to vent to is what makes it all bearable.
Now, the secret to having that special venting buddy is that we
have to be willing to return the favor when our buddy needs a sounding
board, too.

Getting it off of our chest and talking things out with
others is the best way to alleviate worries and heartburn. So if
something’s bothering you, feel free to share it with someone you trust
and maybe the solutions to your problems may reveal themselves in new
and creative ways!

–Team FF