There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating your own path in life and doing things by and for yourself, even when it’s much easier to do otherwise.

For instance, this week, we had to turn down a writing contract that seemed like a great opportunity for new writers like ourselves, but on closer inspection, was mired with legal jargon that would rob of us compensation and rights. An offer to essentially sign away our ideas with very, very little to show for it.

We had to say a firm “No.” We also had to continue on our way with the knowledge that when the right opportunity comes along, you will never feel queasy about it or bullied into making a decision. This can apply to people, projects and life in general.

Which is why this week’s fabulous one-off by JM feels so relevant. The TARDIS is wondrous and exciting, and extraordinary, and who wouldn’t love to hitch a ride with the charismatic Doctor Who? But this week, Sam, makes the decision to power off on her own, as we all should every once in a while.

Who knows what adventures await……?



- Team FF -