Superman Fashion

Fashion and Comics

Fashion and Comics? Do those two things even go together? Much like polka dots and stripes; like white after labor day; like bootleg Chanel bags bought on Canal Street in New York; comics have been a mainstay on the “Not!” list in the world of haute couture. But change is in the air.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion is an integral part of comics. You may not think about it but what a comic character wears is a pretty darn important part of who they are. Superman’s spandex, the Hulk’s frayed capri pants (though no one wants to admit it, those are capri’s), Cat Woman’s impenetrable leather suit with the aerodynamically pointy ears. Though Anna Wintour and the Olsen Twins aren’t sitting front row at the local comic book shop, fashion dictates who a comic book character really is.

Yet fashion and comics have become diametrically opposed. Comics are that weird thing teenage boys flip through and the stuff your forty year-old uncle who lives in your grandparents’ basement collects…right? Wrong. Girls make comics, too. Plenty of girls. Cool girls like Kate Beaton, Vera Brosgol, Raina Telgemeier, Emily Carroll, Jen Wang, Charlie “Spike” Trotman, Sara Pichelli,  and Danielle Corsetto. And girls read them, too.

So we introduce you to Fashion Forward: A Webcomic, set in the cutthroat world of one of New York’s most competitive industries.  Sometimes brazen, often hilarious but mainly from our hearts to yours. Welcome to Fashion Forward, where anything can happen…and anything does: Even something as crazy as Fashion and comics.