If you guys haven’t discovered it yet, Fashion Forward artist Linda Chung is a rock star.

She has crazy, superhuman magical powers in her fingertips.

These are 5 questions with her…

Where are you from and what’s your background in art?

I’m from the San Gabriel Valley and my background in art is actually in animation/film.  I love doing visual development/concept work and storyboarding.

Why did you choose to work on Fashion Forward and how’s the comic experience?

The experience has been great!  And it has turned into a learning process for me as well.  It’s my first time making comics, so there’s something new every time.  I’m quite thankful that Shawnee and Shawnelle chose me to work on their comic!  I think it’s a good comic for young girls to read about choices made in life, but in a casual and fun tone.

What is your process for approaching panels and artwork with Fashion Forward?

I try not to overload the panels with detail, sometimes I just get caught in doodling and I have to pull back.  Sometimes I’ll change the panel structure so it flows together and doesn’t overwhelm the page.  I’ll do sketches first and rearrange for the speech bubbles, send those in, then ink with the edits.  The style was inspired by Vera Brosgol’s Anya’s Ghost. Simple and well thought out.

What are your thoughts on women in comics?

I don’t know a lot of women in the comic industry and I think it would be great to have more!  There aren’t a lot of relatable female characters in mainstream comics because they are drawn by a male perspective or end up as being one-dimensional.

What’s the coolest/most fun part in your art process for Fashion Forward?

Imagining myself as the main character Sam!  It just so happens that we have the same haircut and I’ve been on a quest to find a perfect pair of boots.  I wish I could make my own.