When Sam, an MIT drop out turned lowly fashion assistant, helps to create a time traveling device, in the form of a stiletto boot, she single handedly threatens to change the future of one of New York’s most prominent industries.



Samantha Tate gave up a promising design engineering career for a chance to pursue her first love: fashion design. But her more geek than chic personality is a liability in the larger than life world of haute couture, where the weak are ripped to shreds like cheap charmeuse.

With the help of a physicist friend, she creates the answer to her dilemma: a funky, time traveling device that allows her to venture seasons ahead in time, a place any designer would sacrifice generations of unborn collections to see. Further complicating matters is the dawning of the biggest fashion war in history, at the center of which is Samantha’s mega successful boss, Ivan Fellippe.

Sam finds herself further ahead than she ever imagined on a reckless adventure that may jeopardize New York’s most elite and change the future of fashion forever.





Shawnee’ Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs are writers, television producers, closet fashionistas and general workaholics who enjoy writing, traveling and decorating in their LA hideaway. Shawnee’ likes films starring Carey Grant. Shawnelle is mildly obsessed with scented candles. In another life they are The Rodarte Sisters.



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JM Tolman is an LA-based artist and graduate of the Art Center College of Design. Her day job is character design & visual development for animation, by night she illustrates, creates jewelry, and now comics. Her influences are 50s and 60s-era cartoons, horror movies with monsters, art deco, and extreme fashion design.


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Linda Chung is a Southern California native currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area where she works in animation. She’s a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and is passionate about Mid-Century Art and horror movies.



OC Newby is a web designer, comedic writer, blogger, and dreamer with aspirations of one day taking Gayle King’s place on Oprah’s private jets.



Starline Hodge is a Graphic Artist and Cartoonist living in Los Angeles, CA. She likes to make pretty drawings and logos. Her comic, Candi,  has been up and running since 2004.



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