Sam scrapped her childhood dreams of becoming an engineer to pursue her first love: fashion design. Now she’s stuck in a lowly assistant position where she’s more likely to hit a brick wall than the big time. Sam’s just an everyday girl from the wrong side of the Saks rack trying to make it in a world where she doesn’t quite fit in. Thanks to her friend, Carey, and their pair of pimped-out stilletos, she’s now poised to get further ahead in her career than she ever thought possible. But will she go too far?





Carey has been Sam’s best friend (PTB) Pre-training bra so they know just about everything about each other. Carey and Sam both share a love of science and engineering, and thought they’d continue chumming around at MIT. But Sam caught the fashion bug and Carey still doesn’t get it. But he supports his friend no matter what. And loves her…probably more than he should.





Ivan Fellipe is a Rock Star in the fashion world. No, really. He is huge. Or he was last year and 10 years steady before that. Ivan is Sam’s handsome, successful and increasingly NEEDY boss, who is desperate for a hit runway show as his career has started a rocky course. It is Sam that he eventually (secretly) looks to to save his company. But he has no idea what lengths she is going to do so.





Shane is Sam’s arch nemesis. He has long been known as Ivan’s successor in the event of a fashion catastrophe, and when Sam begins her ascension, this nasty boy gets even nastier. He is watching the throne. And will do serious damage to anyone who comes near it–and Sam is standing dangerously close.







Scandinavian Pop Princess, Contessa Caja, is what you’d get if you put the essences of Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, and Heidi Klum into a crock pot and let them simmer. The former model turned pop star fled her country at 18 years-old, armed with only a hand-me-down Chanel bag and a dream. Practically overnight–give or take a few hours–she became an international icon, married and divorced a young Italian count and landed in New York’s JFK airport swarmed by paparazzi as an unknown European noble with 48 hours on her Countesses resume. Her innate fashion sense makes her a highly respected tastemaker: She blows her nose and creates a trend, and her simple request for a line at New York fashion week has started an all-out war.




Keisha is Sam’s 2nd roommate (she also lives with Carey) and a fashion model who understands the ins and outs of the industry. Usually off to another fashion shoot, or the gym, or a date with another rich and fancy suitor, Keisha always makes a little time to dispel some Tyra-esque wisdom, or just try to get hopelessly single Sam and Carey together.






Dina is Sam’s co-worker pal, who just basically shows up for the free Elle subscriptions that come to the office. She has no career motivation, is sarcastic and sadistic, but knows a good thing when she sees one. And she sees potential in Sam.







Wang Wang is the new darling of 5th Avenue and the fashion world, which means Ivan Fellipe HATES him, which means everyone in the employ of Ivan Fellipe should hate him. Wang Wang not only posesses a fresh face and style, but he is a gentle presence in contrast to some of the harsher personalities in the world he lives in. His fast ascension is making him Ivan’s most formidable competition and Ivan will have none of that. Sam inadvertently gets in between the rivalry, to hilarious and disastrous results.




Sam’s Dad loves and adores his only kid. He is her only living parent as her Mom died when she was a pre-teen. But he is growing weary of Sam’s penniless pursuit of her dream of a career in fashion. Dad is Upstate but a constant reminder of the real world that Sam has left behind, which, if she loses her low wage job, she may have to return to any┬áday now.






When Nerdy Girl enters the picture, Sam is sure she is in deep doo-doo. Nerdy Girl looks up to Sam as a symbol of pride for small, geeky girls who conquer the world of fashion with dignity. But is she wrong about Sam?